Propaganda America

People who flee totalitarian or authoritarian countries always say: They don’t believe the media. Not in their home country. In America, they used to say, there was free press. So you got all kinds of views. Immigrants loved it when they reached America. There was a competition for TRUTH among the various media companies. There was no guarantee of truth, of course; but truth was incentivized, at least.

Today, it’s different. Although we don’t officially have state-run media, 99 percent of the media acts like it’s state run. Not out of fear — but out of sinister, willful ignorance and arrogance. It’s so sick and twisted. I hear from people who fled totalitarian countries with state-run media. They say America has become just like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Russia and China in that the media speaks with one voice–the voice of The Party, or the government. Specifically, and always, the leftist voice.

And social media companies like YouTube are acting as censors–shutting out any politically incorrect information on health, government or the environment. How could any government censorship office control our media with more efficiency than Zuckerberg or Google?

So American media have created a one-party, censoring monopoly without the government firing a shot. They have done it with their own awful, arrogant hubris and stupidity.



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