The Moral and Psychological Status of the American Republic

Peter Fithian: “Corruption on this level would not be possible without a galactically stupid, misinformed citizenry.”


“Woke”: (adj.) definition: “A state of awareness only achieved by those dumb enough to find injustice in everything except their own behavior.”


The IRS didn’t need more funding. It needs DEFUNDING. End the income tax, most other taxes and eliminate most of the federal government as we know it. Will this happen? Not a chance. In one form or another, big, lawless government will soon come knocking on most people’s doors. And by the time most Americans realize they have made a terrible mistake, it will be too late.


Old school leftists/Democrats aimed to hurt the country. They shared power with old school Republicans who hoped to contain the damage. Today’s leftists aim to annihilate not just the country, but all of Western civilization, calling it “progress.” Hard, radical leftists are solidly in charge of government, schools, education, media, corporations and culture. There are no more moderate leftists, not in power. Even many Republicans, at the national level, have joined forces with the hardest leftists. Aside from Alito and Clarence Thomas, most of the Supreme Court has largely abandoned the Constitution. They’re upholding the destruction of women’s sports, for example; and they positively will not address evidence of election fraud.Viewed in light of these absolutely factual, observable developments, things like Trump’s arrest and indictment with bizarre, incoherent charges make total sense. If the explicit, unblinking purpose of nearly every government and cultural authority is to destroy America, then surely Trump had to go.


Justin Jones, one of the three Democrat Tennessee legislators who helped incite a mob to storm the capitol building has been officially expelled from the body for his actions.

Democrats in the minority in Tennessee hope to use mob violence with probably Soros hired losers to shut down the state government until gun confiscation is enacted. Republicans in control actually held one of the legislators responsible for his actions. This is how a government is supposed to work. The exact opposite of what’s happening at the federal level, which is why–I maintain–the federal government is unsustainable on its present course.

P.S. Legislators who encourage thugs and terrorists should be arrested, tried and convicted.


The Entire Green Movement: Making Earth Uninhabitable for Man.



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