The Gleeful Sneer of Totalitarianism

What’s different about the Biden regime from even the Obama years? The MORAL tone. I’m not saying the Biden regime is moral; I’m saying just the opposite. But they THINK they’re moral. They THINK they have won the moral high ground.

You have to understand the psychology and interpersonal dynamics of sociopaths and criminals. When they believe they have pulled one over on you, and have total control over you, to them: this is moral. This is victory. To them, victory is moral. The problem is they define or view “victory” as power. Fraud and deceit are not immoral to them; neither are coercion and (ultimately, if needed) bloodshed.

Witness the gleeful sneers of Biden every time something goes wrong. It screams of, “You can’t do anything about it. Ha ha!” The same with all the other creatures in charge of us. Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are probably next in line for the role of puppet, when the mush that’s left of Biden’s brain finally drips away.

What does it mean to be moral? To be rational, honest, productive — and, as a byproduct, to respect the freedom and individual rights of others. Prior to the Biden regime, the American government usually respected these things, at least to some degree (never consistently, I know). During the Obama years there was a thin — a very, very thin — pretense that this was the purpose of the government, although we know from all the available evidence now that the Obama regime was the beginning of the end of the American republic.

The Biden years, for however long they go on, are the cashing in of the “new” American left that took form in the 1960s and 70s. The gleeful “Ha ha ha, I’ve got you under my power and there’s nothing you can do about it” of both the petty criminal, and the most toxic criminals of history, Hitler and Stalin included.

That’s one more reason why I keep trying to warn you: These people are capable of ANYTHING. If you think they’re not going to try anything and everything, you’re not paying attention to their sneers, their twisted glee — and their actions, which are remarkably consistent on the premise of control. I have worked (in the past) in psychiatric hospitals with the criminally, insanely evil.

You’ll have to believe me: I have seen it all before.



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