Let’s Be Real: Some People Cannot Be Saved

It’s a complete waste of time to discuss whether a mass shooter “has a mental disorder.” Of course anyone who does something like this has a mental disorder. If not, then there’s no such thing as a mental disorder.

It’s also a complete waste of time to discuss whether a mass shooter is evil. Of course anyone who would do something like this is evil. If not, then there’s no such thing as evil.

You can’t save such a person. To get to a point where you want to mow people down with a gun because of your own misery/evil, you’re past saving. Nobody has ever been saved from doing something like this.

The psychiatric industry and politicians have teamed up to weaponize the mental health diagnostic system. It’s just a business, though a mostly fraudulent one. Notice the discussion when a transgendered person shoots up a school. “Transgenderism isn’t an illness; society is ill. It’s institutional anti-transgenderism. White, heterosexual Christian men are to blame.” When a white, heterosexual Christian man shoots up a school, then it’s all his fault. There’s suddenly no such thing as mental illness.

The moment an industry becomes political, it’s worse than worthless. Psychiatric labels are now weaponized to do just one thing: Advance the woke narrative, and the woke agenda. If you’re rational and objective, it’s best to throw it all in the trash. And start over.



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