Time for Freedom-Loving Americans to Think: Exit Strategy

My view of Trump and his reported impending arrest … is that the bad guys are in charge right now; they will continue to do whatever they want so long as they can get away with it. They have gotten away with virtually everything since 2020. They are sociopathic thugs and sadly, nothing but rational, retaliatory accountability will get their attention–just as we have to use the force of government against any other criminal, thug or organization dedicated to the destruction of life and liberty. Unfortunately we have no means of doing that because the bad guys are (for the most part) in charge of the judiciary, the military and most urban police forces (though I expect those are weakening from within as we speak). The bad guys include RINOs, most of the Republican party.

That’s why I can only see secession or some kind of pullout from this Biden-Dem federal dictatorship as a solution. Let’s call it decentralization. Or the Big Exit. I like DeSantis starting a state army. My fantasy is that good guys will leave Biden’s woke military and join Texas or Florida, and others will follow. Hollow out the federal military. Sounds bizarre, but: Nothing is going to get better under the status quo. We are screwed, for now anyway. So is Trump. Elections are rigged at the national level, so that’s pretty much over.



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