Reparations: Here They Come!

San Francisco recently announced a plan that seeks to provide reparations for the Black community. Under this proposal, every eligible Black adult in San Francisco would receive payments of $5 million, elimination of personal debt and tax burdens, a guaranteed annual income of at least $97,000 for 250 years, and the ability to purchase a home in San Francisco for only $1.

The cost for this plan would be $600,000 per non-Black family or roughly $250 billion dollars in total to taxpayers.

This is not a parody; this is an actual proposal. [Wesley Hunt, writing at Fox News]

It’s insanity, for sure. Even if it doesn’t pass, it’s insanity just to PROPOSE such a thing.

Many ask if the government has a right to do such a thing, or whether it’s moral to take money from one racial group to give to another — because of what happened to the distant ancestors of the recipients.

Valid questions, for sure. But nobody ever asks: What would such a transfer of wealth do to the recipients? What kind of person would it reward? And what kind of person would it punish? Imagine if the government gave you millions of dollars tomorrow because of your last name; or because of your eye color. Perhaps you’d love having the money. But what would it really do to your pride; your self-respect; your ability to get along with other people whose good will and high regard — based on achievements you have EARNED — would matter to you?

All of that would be out the window.

Remember, the people NOT getting the $5 million — if they’re productive — will have paid heavily in taxes for you to get these inconceivable freebies. We’re not talking about welfare. We’re talking about massive, massive transfers of wealth. And free houses in the most expensive real estate market in the world.

And if you don’t pay much or anything in taxes, you’ll still pay indirectly — through inflation. If you think the price of eggs and cars and gas are bad now — just wait until the government inflates and debases the currency at 100,000 the current rate in order to finance the debt and deficits to pay for all this.

With millions of people ANGRY at you for getting $5 million, a free mansion and never having to pay taxes again while the rest of the world becomes Venezuela … do you think your life would be all that enviable? Do you think race relations would improve or deteriorate, with such brazen racial favoritism of one race over another? What in the world do you think this is going to solve, if you’re one of those blindly Democratic Party supporting leftists out there?



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