World Government is Here

According to the Gateway Pundit, the Biden regime is doubling down on its “legally-binding” agreement which will surrender U.S. pandemic authority to the Chinese-backed World Health Organization (WHO) “for generations to come.”

This can only mean (and is intended to mean) one thing:

With regard to Pandemics (real or political), the United States is now officially under the control of the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship.
Do you now agree that we are an occupied country? And that absurd “elections” will not reverse any of this?

So if you live in a red state and your Governor has reassured you that there will be no more lockdowns, mask mandates, police-enforced social distancing and the like — it does not matter. The authorities in Beijing and Western Europe will be determining your behavior. Your Constitutional rights are irrelevant, even as an argument.

This is what world government looks like. It’s not about individual rights. It’s not about what made America great; it’s about what has made the rest of the world morally and economically impoverished.


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