Fauci is America’s Josef Mengele

The very IDEA of a “government doctor” is creepy in the extreme. Americans — starting with then-President Trump — never should have fallen for such a thing, way back in March 2020. A doctor, by definition, is devoted to two things: (1) the well-being of his patient; and (2) the honest interpretation of scientific knowledge. The moment you introduce government into the equation, you have (at best) diluted medical integrity and (at worst) destroyed it. This is true whether we’re talking about your own personal family doctor or a doctor headquartered in the Nation’s imperial city making billions and billions of dollars off of the very pandemic he has helped to orchestrate.

There’s a reason why Nazi Germany gave us Josef Mengele. It’s not a bizarre or unfortunate accident. When you merge government and medicine, you get catastrophe. It’s impossible to calculate the disasters created for small, politically unconnected businesses shut down in 2020-2021 and the thousands (or more) dying of mysterious causes in their sleep since the imposition via media and government of an untested, alleged vaccine in 2021 and 2022.

Yet here we are. America should never have fallen for it. Not only did most of America do so; most of America seems unaware that it did so. That’s really, really dangerous. As is the fact that our country’s own Josef Mengele lounges in retirement and billions that his connected bosses in Beijing, and elsewhere, got him for doing God-only-knows-what. Put simply: If you let sociopaths get away with murder, just imagine what they (and their kind, waiting in line), will do to us next.

None of it was ever necessary. Yet our lack of courage, independence and critical, objective thinking got us here. The presence of those virtues — if ever again activated — would wipe out the Facuis of the world in an instant, and protect us all from ever being victims again. If only.




A reader replied on Facebook:

Understand what you say but how should it have been handled… since there was a virus and young and old died either way… shot or no shot, innocent people

Dr. Hurd’s reply:

The government should gave stayed the hell out and have done nothing. We would actually be better off. The virus did exist, but had a 99.99999 percent survival rate for healthy people and even some unhealthy people. Worse viruses during the Obama years were mostly ignored, but President Trump had to go, according to the media and government people who grossly exaggerated the danger.

Other readers replied:

First of all, “young” were not dying. Second, proper research into the early deaths will show that MANY “old” died from medical malpractice when they were erroneously placed on ventilators. Third, again, proper research will show that the vast majority of those who died, did so from their existing comorbidities, and not the actual virus. Fourth, the stats of actual death from the C flu virus falls completely in line with annual Flu stats every yearly flu season, making the use of the terminology “Pandemic” just another LIE.

The ENTIRE episode was a manufactured crises from DayOne. The REAL crises has been, and will continue to be, the death and destruction of previously **healthy** individuals–*especially* the young–from the emerging list of horrendous side effects of an EXPERIMENTAL Jabberwonky “vaccine,” which is not, nor EVER was an actual vaccine at all!


Every Flu Season contains stats of *some* under 50 years who succumbed, but that is not the majority. Nothing I stated changes.

The point of my statement is that Influenza takes lives every year, and 2019-2021 was not an outlier for those annual stats. It was, however a season that was USED by CORRUPTED entities, agencies, and individuals to usher in a Nuremberg-style event an a massive global scale–all for nefarious and EVIL purposes. Not the least of which has been social fear-mongering CONTROL on a scale never before attained.


Trump is old enough to remember the beginning of the AIDS scare. He really should have known better than to listen to Fauci.


Obamacare pretty much destroyed medicine. It was just in slow motion. Covid sped the process up.

To this last comment Dr. Hurd replied:

The destruction of medicine started most noticably with Medicare. Medicaid and Obamacare later arose as a way to clean up the mess of Medicare (without admitting Medicare made a mess), and then ultimately use them as an excuse to lock us down and jab us. Much worse will come, and it’s just as predictable as the 2020-22 disaster was.


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