Why the “Bombshells” Have No Impact

I keep reading (on conservative news sites only) of “bombshell” news stories, about Twitter files, willful evasions about “the vaccine”, ruthless intentions, diabolical political machinations among DemComs and RINOs, and all the rest.

Yes, they SHOULD be bombshells; but they’re not. And they never will be.

Hard evidence that our government is acting the way all dictators have acted throughout human history act should be shocking in what was once a mostly free country.

But we’re no longer living in that time. 2020 showed the beginning of this reality, although I now can see it was building for a long time.

The people who most need to know about these bombshells are not reading conservative blogs. They’re getting their news from sports stars, movie celebrities, snippets on Google and The View. In other words, they’re getting vacuous, far-left propaganda … and nothing else. Facebook, YouTube and the vast majority of social media sites have censored the vast majority of dissenting views. Even if the people who need to know about these bombshells DID learn of them, they would not believe them. “Oh, that’s just Fox News,” they’ll say dismissively. Or Elon Musk at Twitter. Or Trump. Or Ben Shapiro. Or Breitbart. Etc.

And even if they DO learn of and believe these bombshells, they do not care. When Trump seemed like a threat (back when he was President), it was all about getting Trump. The truth does not matter; getting Trump does. Rest assured, the same will happen when a DeSantis or someone else like that is President — which isn’t going to happen, anyway.

People believe what they want to believe. I’m finding this true of conservatives no less than leftists. I understand it better with conservatives. I get it: It’s too much to absorb and digest the magnitude of the evil, the fraud, the nasty reality that we have morphed into not just the early stage of a dictatorship, but the morally puny epitome of a rotting culture.

I get not wanting to accept this fact.

But sooner or later the fact is going to be in your face. Why not prepare a Plan B now, while it’s still relatively plausible to do so?



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