The Problem With America

The problem with America is NOT vaccines. The problem is that the government got involved in the vaccine — and medical — industry.

If the government stayed out of medicine, then the market would rule. Patients, people and doctors would decide what works and what doesn’t. There would be nothing but freedom of choice. The government would not pick winners and losers. The government would stay the hell out — doing nothing at all, other than enforcing private property rights.

Instead, the government gets involved; picks a winner; and then threatens to throw you in jail if you don’t agree. Many of us would be in jail right now, had it not been for President Trump’s federal court appointments who struck down most of the Biden vaccine mandates.

My point is: There never would have been any vaccine mandates in the first place, if the government had stayed the hell out of medicine.

The media would have no government propaganda to push. The media would have to persuade readers — in a free marketplace of ideas and news — that they were telling the truth. The media would not have all the influence and faux authority it enjoys now, if the government stayed the hell out of the private sector.

Similarly, the problem with America is NOT electric cars, or electric stoves or gas stoves. The problem is that the government gets involved where it has no business. The government has decided it’s time to move on from gas stoves and gas vehicles, and go to electric vehicles and stoves exclusively. It stands ready to mandate. If enough of the Trump judges are gone, then we’ll all be stuck with those mandates forever.

Government seeks to impose a one-size-fits-all solution on everyone. In a marketplace, there would be a variety of choices, a variety of solutions and ultimately — even if electric vehicles did prove to be a slam-dunk value over gas vehicles (unlikely) — then most people would eventually go along. Most people went along with the motor car over the horse and buggy. But it took decades and Henry Ford (who first mass marketed the automobile) to make this change. If the government has passed a law in the 1920s mandating that everyone surrender their horse and begin driving a vehicle immediately, it would have been catastrophic. Most would have been unable to afford vehicles, and Henry Ford would never have been forced to innovate and mass market the automobile to appeal to customers — not if customers were guaranteed by a government forcing them to buy a product they cannot afford. Thousands — millions, probably — would have slid into poverty and even starved, making the Great Depression seem like nothing in comparison.

That’s where we’re headed. The government gets involved — and makes a mess of things. Part of the reason? The average government bureaucrat is not very smart, and (even if he or she is smart), is not held accountable in any way. Politicians are even less accountable for the wreckage they create. No matter how much of a debacle a politician creates, he or she is rewarded with millions (or billions) in wealth and unconditional support from athletes, actors, celebrity superstars and corporate bigwigs who, in turn, are rewarded and subsidized by the government only if they please the government.

The government and all economic activity should be completely separate. Politicians, the least accountable and usually the least smart people in existence, should have less to do with making economic decisions than anyone. Yet we have created precisely the opposite situation.

That’s why America is so vulnerable to a state-run economy like China. China is better at being a state-run economy than America is. But if America were a free market economy, with no government intervention in what goes on, the United States would wipe the floor with Communist China. Instead, we’re losing.

It’s a brutal injustice. And such an unnecessary one. America is heading for a tragic ending, sooner than probably any of us know. And not a bit of it was ever, ever necessary.



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