Who Believes the Media Anymore?

Nobody rational believes the media. Not any longer. The media is now almost 100 percent propaganda. Propaganda advances a narrative, rather than the truth. The people who DO believe the media are either (1) not very intelligent; or (2) badly informed, even if they are rational and intelligent in other areas of their lives.

This strikes me as an incredibly dangerous situation. Under a literal, total dictatorship, the government would own and run the media. Technically, that hasn’t (yet) happened in America. But in many respects we’re already there. What makes it so dangerous in America is that most of us think we still have freedom of speech. We don’t, in most places; but it’s not like the government has to actively and openly enforce censorship, as it does in China, and elsewhere. In America, we’re under the delusion that we have free speech when, in fact, we have a media that completely distorts the truth to advance the narrative the government wants advanced. There are financial and ideological payoffs for doing this. Since most people who work in the media seem (to me) rather shallow and unintelligent, there are psychological payoffs too. They get to be “cool” and liked for being “progressive”, which is nothing more than a scrubbed up word for fascist or Communist — i.e., one who slaves in service to the government.

Millions of people either do not believe anything the media and government say, thereby putting us in a state of anarchy — not a good thing, since a minimal government is needed, as America’s founders recognized, to establish peace and order, property and individual rights, but nothing more. And millions of other people believe nearly everything the government and media say, making them ridiculous patsies in the hands of a government that now sees it can get away with literally ANYTHING. This will ultimately come back to bite even most of the people who now applaud our government and media.

The only antidote is critical thinking. If you have it, you’re better prepared to deal with what’s happening than if you don’t.


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