How the Media Demystifies Republican Candidates for President

Here’s the problem with running for President as a Republican — other than the fact you cannot win, and you will not win, not so long as we have the kind of voting process that manufactured 81 million votes for JOE BIDEN.

Running for President demystifies you. A President, in most people’s minds, is supposed to be kind of an FDR, a Truman, a Lincoln or a JFK. In today’s media, even those men (whatever you think of them) could not be who they are in most people’s minds today. The ever-present camera, the Internet, the tweets and everything else would make mystification (even in a rational sense) impossible.

When you’re a Republican today, the media (99.99 percent opposed to ALL Republicans, even RINOs when running for President) is incredibly skillful at demystifying the Republican candidate. You’ll hear only the negatives and none of the positives. You won’t be permitted to see anything positive. Just what happens to poor Nikki Haley. It’s so predictable that it’s tiring. When a woman runs for president on the Democratic side, it’s cool. When a woman runs for president on the Republican side — forget it. It’s over before it starts. You’ll hear nothing but the negatives. And then watch what happens to Ron DeSantis, if he runs. Trump won’t have to smash or smear him. The media will do it, especially if they think he has a chance. It’s not just that they’ll criticize him — they will demystify him. He will suddenly be the guy who cannot win.

Democrats have rigged the Electoral College to their benefit. They’ve done it with mail-in voting, which shows no signs of ever going away. That’s enough right there, but they’re sophisticated in other methods of ballot fraud too, ways we certainly don’t yet know about. But my point is that they don’t even need election fraud. Democrats can write the narrative any way they wish. And for whatever reason, no matter how many Americans claim in polls they “don’t trust the media”, whatever the media tells them seems to have almost mystical (translation: psychological) power over them.

That’s how we ended up with “President Biden.” And that’s how, incredibly enough, we will end up with him again. Unless we end up with something perhaps even more horrifying to contemplate.

The media has wrapped it all up with a grip on people’s psyches. The election fraud hardly even matters. Good luck, Nikki Haley. You seem like a good woman. They’re going to trash you. Unless you fight back like Donald Trump — whose brash style seems to be passe now, even with many Republicans — you won’t stand a chance.




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