Conservatives: You Will Never Defeat Evil With Kindness

Why are Republicans/nonleftists always afraid and apologetic; while leftists/Democrats are ALWAYS hostile, intimidating, rude and aggressive?

It’s because one side believes it has the moral high ground; and the other does not.

When you believe you have the moral high ground, it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong; not so long as your opponent is hesitating, apologetic or weak.

This is true whether we’re talking about a government, a business office, a family or a marriage. The one who believes he has the moral high ground, when confronted with someone else who doesn’t believe he has the moral high ground, has already won.

Hitler believed he had the moral high ground over his contradictory, inconsistent and almost nonexistent opponents. You know the results. Eventually he was crushed and defeated, but only after people on the opposing side showed they were so convinced that he’s wrong, that they were prepared to die for it. If they had been stronger earlier on, they probably would never have had to die for it.

That’s where we are today. Today’s left is more brazen, nasty and uncompromising than even Hitler was. They’re up against no opposition worthy of the name, outside of Trump’s sadly floundering effort. No opposition, so far, other than Donald Trump; but he was not enough. Look at what they did to him. Hitler and Stalin would both applaud their ruthlessness, although they’re not finished with Trump — nor anyone else who launches a serious effort to thwart them.

Democrats and leftists believe they have the high moral ground. They openly say (especially since the imposition of COVID fascism and Black Lives Matter terrorism) that YOU (if you’re not a leftist) are a shameful pig, that only THEY (the leftists) are morally pure enough to rule you (the non-believer), and that you had better shut up or they’re going to hassle you, verbally and mentally abuse you, launch FBI and other attacks against you, imprison you or go to any lengths they feel necessary. Feelings, after all, are king. THEIR feelings are (not yours).

Remember, leftists are terrorists. Like all terrorists, they feel that anyone who doesn’t agree with them — even if only through silence — is a physical threat against them and a moral outrage. Your disagreement is an act of violence against them, according to the explicit statements of leftists from “President Biden” on down. Either you agree with them, or you’re a bad person. If you’re a bad person, well … then you should be punished. You see how far they’re willing to take this, based on the years of COVID fascism alone.

When confronted with such totalitarian, utterly unreasoned hostility, the only possible way to respond — intellectually and psychologically, if nothing else — is with the attitude that “NO, you are dead wrong. You are NOT my superior. Your desire to lie, cheat or even kill to get your away, against people who have done you no harm and mean you no harm, makes you not only morally inferior — but morally evil. I am entitled to do absolutely everything I must to defeat you, to keep you from harming others with your COVID fascism, your threats to shame, fine or even imprison those who don’t take your experimental medical treatments, your threats to harm those who don’t agree with your wild ideas, your relentless intimidation and harassment against anyone who disagrees with you in any way, or even dares to imply disagreement merely by remaining silent. You deserve to be stopped, you must be stopped, and I am right to want to stop you. There is nothing good about you, and there is nothing right about what you are doing to us.”

Instead, these leftists in culture, government, bureaucratic offices, media, school boards and virtually everywhere else are greeted with something considerably weaker than this, whether in words or practice. For the most part, they are greeted with NOTHING. That’s why they’re winning. They are not going to stop. Why should they? Each victory empowers them to initiate even more harm and evil. Until or unless you — if you’re really against them, and you’re really of the mindset that individuals are sovereign over their own minds and lives — are prepared to morally judge them as the horrible people they are, to let them know that you know they’re bad people, and then to strategize accordingly (on that premise) … you’re going to keep losing.

In a nutshell: Criticize Donald Trump all you want. “I like his ideas, but we need someone nicer.” That’s like saying you need a Q-tip on a gushing bullet wound, because the necessary treatment was too unpleasant or painful. “Doctor, don’t perform surgery on my mortal wound. Just make the wound go away, painlessly.” That’s where too many conservatives and other nonleftists are at this point; this is a recipe for absolute, certain and unqualified defeat.

While Donald Trump is a strong and courageous man, he’s (sadly) a weakling compared to what today’s forces of evil really require. We know that by the evidence of what we’ve witnessed. It’s not just that we’re dealing with unkind, insensitive and nasty people; we are dealing with tyrants who WILL have their way and will (I believe) stop at nothing to impose their way. I am not only talking about leftists in power (all of whom are tyrants, fascists, Communists and worse.) I’m talking even about the typical leftist next door, who applauds it all from his living room or computer screen. Just like the people who, at one time, applauded all that Hitler was attempting to do.

You don’t defeat evil by trying to negotiate with it, and you don’t defeat evil by simply calling it names. You have to be stronger than they are — because you already know that you are.




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