Is Today’s Federal Government Even Still Constitutional?

America was supposed to be about freedom. In the beginning, that was fairly easy. America was mostly a wilderness. It’s not that life in a wilderness is easy. It’s just that government is mostly beside the point, when you’re just a wilderness. As the colonies began to settle, there was more civilization, surrounded by wilderness. Government had to be, by definition, small and limited. The economy wasn’t that huge, so the government couldn’t be huge, either.

America ended up being very successful. Freedom breeds prosperity; people still don’t understand this, and the American experience has not taught them yet. The economy of America became huge. Because the economy was so strong and people’s love of liberty was so strong, the military became strong and capable, too. The military tended to mirror the government. When the government was more about protecting liberty than about domination, the military tended to be the same way. This peaked at the end of World War II, in the 1940s. As the government became more and more concerned with domination — i.e. one pressure group winning over another, and all pressure groups winning over the liberty of the individual — then the military’s goals changed, as well. That’s how we got first Korea, then Vietnam, and then endless wars in the Middle East and now Ukraine with no known purpose other than to feed the bank accounts of the people who profit from them (brazenly and with almost no pretense, now with Ukraine).

The bottom line is this: The American federal government is no longer about protecting liberty. Not one bit. Show me ANY major evidence to the contrary, about the federal government. It’s ALL about domination. It’s never about choice, and it’s never about upholding the freedom of the individual. Whether the federal government is arresting peaceful protestors who dispute election results — under the guise of “insurrection” for which the government presents no evidence and doesn’t even feel a need to do so; or whether the government is outlawing gas cars and gas stoves; or whether the government is pressuring Facebook and Twitter behind the scenes to censor posts and speech critical of the government; or whether the federal government is using its funds to teach only one point-of-view (the government’s) at universities and in elementary and secondary schools, intimidating and throttling anyone who disagrees; or whether the government is threatening to ban guns for self-protection while, at the same time, releasing child molesters, rapists and murderers; or whether the federal government is ignoring its own immigration laws and letting in people they believe will become political constituents by making them immediate and (they hope) permanent wards of the state via government benefits; on and on and on. No matter what the federal government now does, it has NOTHING to do with the protection of individual rights (not even nominally, not anymore) and EVERYTHING to do with domination.

Freedom is not domination. The two are polar opposites, in fact. When a government becomes all about domination, it’s just as much the enemy of the people as the criminals whom the previous, rights-respecting government used to protect us from. In the 1940s, the federal government acted to protect us from Hitler. Today, its policies are increasingly similar to those of Hitler or Stalin. Just look at the FBI and CDC, if you don’t believe me. The government IS the problem now — our own federal government, more than anyone else in the world.

Increasingly, this will be the issue facing millions and millions more Americans. Because right now many are complacent (“it can’t happen here”) and many even enjoy watching the government domination (i.e, violating the individual rights of) people whom they dislike (pretty much any hardcore Democrat or leftist is delighted by the advance of totalitarianism). But eventually it will come around to them, at least to most of them, because unless you’re a billionaire AND are politically connected, you won’t be able to fend off the dominating forces of what is now a ruthless, amoral and completely unconsitutional, antirepublican gang of mobsters we still insist on calling a government.



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