Stop Asking: Can Trump Win in 2024?

Facebook reinstated Trump’s account. They must be very confident he won’t win in 2024. What makes them confident?

People are asking: Can Trump win in 2024?

It’s a meaningless question. Trump cannot win so long as we have institutionalized fraud, including especially mail-in voting. This ensures a Dem victory in swing states no matter who the Republican nominee is. Nationally at least, elections are now a charade. All the polls — even the corporate left wing polls — showed a Republican sweep of the Senate and House last fall. Dems easily kept the Senate, won most of the contentious governor’s races and barely (just barely, by a hair) lost the House. Dems are considerably more unpopular than their election results suggest, but they’re going to keep getting those election results so long as we have mail-in voting, other types of institutionalized fraud and a media that won’t talk about or investigate it.



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