James at 15 … Dead at 62

Lance Kerwin is dead, at only 62. If you’re old enough to remember the TV show “James at 15” from the late 1970s, you’ll probably remember it was a cultural jolt at the time, because it addressed teenage sex.

Have you noticed a pattern with these shocking, unexplained deaths? In one form or another the media keeps saying, “Everyone is shocked at the death, as there were no symptoms of illness noticed. No further details are available, and the family has requested that we don’t bother them at this time.” Before the last year or two, when did the media EVER respect this perfectly understandable wish of grieving families?

The growing number of these inexplicable deaths at ages like 62, or 35, or 28, or 49 does not — by itself — prove any specific thing, I realize. But it certainly warrants some investigative research and reporting. And we KNOW that’s never going to happen.

If you think that these dishonest, insensitive, utterly corrupt media organizations like CNN, MSN and ABC/NBC/CBS really care one TINY bit about respecting the wishes of grieving families, you probably voted for Biden (and will again).



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