The Score Since 2020: Tyranny, Everything; Freedom, Zero

Imagine if we had tried to defeat our enemies in WW II by holding elections run by Nazis, with results reported by a media who only published Nazi propaganda.

Imagine winning the Cold War if pro-Soviet Communists controlled nearly every American school board, every American television or movie production house, nearly every American media outlet and every branch of our vast, massively expanding federal government.

Today’s government and culture consists of people just as bad. They have no limits, other than seeing how much they can get away with. So far, and especially since 2020, they have gotten away with absolutely everything. On every single issue from lockdowns, to forced participation in government medical vaccine research, to FBI raids and arrests for political reasons alone, to legalized looting in city streets, to arbitrary executive edicts on everything under the sun, to mail-in ballots favoring one party only, to outlawing fossil fuels in 8 years, to outlawing gas stoves immediately, we are up against tyrants who oppose the side of liberty in EACH AND EVERY instance, and who are winning EACH AND EVERY battle in their relentless war against freedom.

So few of us act like we care.

They are not going to stop and this will not get better on its own. Think about what you’re giving up. Freedom is the moral and intellectual air we breathe. When all freedom is finally gone, we will all perish spiritually, if not physically. If you love life, yourself and your children, you should love your freedom too.



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