Today’s Tyrants: Maybe the Worst in Human History?

Tyrants never have credibility. They say one thing; and they do the opposite. It has always been this way, since the beginning of human civilization, or even before that. Nothing has changed.

Today’s tyrants are worse than ever. They detest capitalism; but they live off of billions, usually money made through theft or via political connections (case in point: the Biden crime family). For people who hate the system of wealth creation, they sure love their own wealth. They want their billions, but if you or I want another $50,000 in our private retirement accounts, honestly saved and earned … well, forget it. THAT money belongs to the government.

They claim to be religious or “spiritual”; yet they are ruthless and mercenary beyond description. I’m talking about the stuff they do right in front of our faces. Behind the scenes — we can only imagine. No “conspiracy theories” are necessary. These people are making laughing stocks out of the majority of us who keep rolling over and taking it because, “Why, if someone hears me saying or even implying something mean — well, they won’t like me, and I can’t have that!”

These tyrants of today scream about the evils of self-interest. Yet they sacrifice other people to themselves on a daily basis. And they LAUGH while doing it.

Let me be clear: Rationally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with self-interest. Self-interest is even a virtue, because we are all entitled to our own lives, and this requirement for self-preservation (when honored) makes us responsible for ourselves too. Paradoxically, the people who feel entitled to their own lives prosper better, and, in turn, feel more generous — even though that generosity is never a duty or obligation. It’s just something you want to do, when you can, and when you’ve done well yourself. That’s why economically free societies are far, far more generous than totalitarian, socialist ones. Even our own society, as it has become more socialist, has become more mean-spirited than ever before. That’s how it works.

Today’s tyrants are even worse than tyrants of the past. What I mean by that is they smirk, giggle and laugh as they destroy us. They know they’re hypocrites and while they don’t totally admit it, when busted they are not ashamed. They just triple down.

They’re openly, mockingly sadistic. It’s not possible for a decent person to comprehend the magnitude of the ruthlessness and evil we’re up against — sure, with the vast majority of our politicians, but also our corporate, woke “big business” socialists who (even if they made their money honestly) turn around (e.g. Bill Gates) and willfully, laughingly seek to bring the rest of us down. It’s psychopathic, cruel and every bit as evil as the Stalins and Hitlers of the past. Maybe even more so, if that’s possible. They demand that we take experimental vaccines, that we stop eating beef, that we stop driving cars, and they do it with a narcissistic, nasty, inflated sense of self-importance they expect us to take for granted. Was there EVER a royal dictator in history as bad as these corporate-political Communists of today?

We have to stand up for ourselves and, if nothing else, passively resist. Go on strike — morally, psychologically and in other ways, too. Otherwise, they’re going to bring us down with them. That’s what psychopaths do.

Get out of your slumber, people! This is not going to get better on its own.



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