Harry & Meghan: A Couple About NOTHING

Are you, like me, sick of hearing about Harry & Meghan?

You cannot escape these people. They are everywhere.

Why are they everywhere? News and entertainment corporations exist to make a profit. They’ll scream that they (as good corporate socialist-wokesters) don’t care for profit, but the fact remains: they make huge profits. And (these days) they make huge profits by talking about, interviewing and focusing on Harry & Meghan.

So we’re hearing about Harry & Meghan because millions and millions of people find them interesting, enlightening — and even admirable.

Why would this be? Well, think about the kind of person who would find Harry & Meghan interesting and enlightening. It must be the kind of person who sees it as the ideal to do absolutely nothing in life but complain about one’s victimhood. It’s literally all these former royalists do. It’s not a side activity. It’s their whole reason for living.

They complain. They already have a huge audience because of the very thing they decry daily — the largely unearned wealth and notoriety of the royal family. They hate the very idea of the royal family, and say so regularly. Yet they complain  and whine that they’re not getting more money, visibility and power from the same royal family they regularly decry.

It strikes me: This is the very essence of the woke mentality — not politically, but deeper: culturally and psychlogically. Harry and Meghan stand for all the things that wokesters want:  Something for nothing. Not just economically (though money is definitely part of it); but psychologically, in terms of the unearned and unlimited visibility snowflakes everywhere yearn for.

They’re parasites, for sure. They’re not looking to earn their own money and create their own visibility. They’re saying they’re entitled to it — because they’re royalists (Meghan, of course, simply married into it.) They say they’re even more entitled to it, precisely because they exited the royal context in a supreme act of moral condemnation.

This is exactly what wokesters and snowflakes do. It’s exactly what leftists do. They do everything in their (unearned) power to destroy and undermine the very thing they’re counting on in order to flourish: capitalism, material goods, a Constitution, fossil fuels, etc. They’re biting the hand that feeds them. More than that, they’re biting the hand that gave rise to them — and without which, they’d be absolutely nothing.

It’s the ugliest form of entitlement we’ve yet to see on such a scale. It’s not only tolerated by the masses who now take Harry & Meghan as an important, inevitable part of Western culture. It’s not just that Harry & Meghan aren’t called on their absurd, almost humorous, hypocrisy and self-refuting inconsistency. They’re applauded for it. They’re made into mega-superstars for it.

You’d have to be a morally hollow, mentally dense and frankly pretty depraved person to be fascinated by the cultural zeros we refer to as Harry & Meghan.

Yet here we are: living in a culture where we’re supposed to pretend that two parasites who DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING are the epitome of achievement.

Maybe, as a silver lining, this is what finally hitting bottom looks like. How could we go any lower?

If listening to these two twisted sycophants crying on a couch to some Oprah-like interviewer actually uplifts you, I shudder for the future of your soul.




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