I Stand With Brazil

Maybe it’s time to adopt a new slogan: I stand with Brazil.

Most of the media doesn’t want to talk about Brazil right now. Or they choose to call it an “attack on democracy.” But it’s not democracy being attacked. It’s an openly criminal socialist-Communist regime being attacked.

What’s happening in Brazil is interesting. The government is run by an openly criminal socialist who’s likely an election fraudster. He’s imposing gun control, high taxation and further nationalization of the economy on a heavily unwilling population. The government has called all supporters of the prior, more conservative and more freedom friendly administration “terrorists” and insurrectionists. Sound familiar?

In America, most of us are putting up with it all. We keep saying the next election will take care of it, though it never does. Regulations, taxation, Orwellian health restrictions, reckless depreciation of the currency (i.e., inflation) for political purposes, and insane environmentalist restrictions all add up to a growing, hopeless mess. America is starting to look a lot like Brazil — or any other socialist/Communist-run society.

A lot of Americans — millions, in fact — feel the way the Brazilians who are storming their country’s capital feel.

Breitbart reports (today): National news outlets in Brazil, citing the federal police, reported on Monday that the riot resulting in the near-total destruction of the Congressional and Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF) headquarters had led to over 1,500 arrests and dozens of injuries, including journalists.

I’m not suggesting violence is the answer. But I am stating openly that dictatorship and authoritarianism — with criminals or mobsters openly in charge of the apparatus of government — are NEVER the answer.

The real insurrectionists are those who promote and act on the initiation of force against peaceful people. Those who VOTE for dictatorships are also guilty terrorists, so far as I’m concerned.



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