We’re Actually Living Through the Breakup of the USA


BREAKING NOW: Top Republicans Call for the IMPEACHMENT of Joe Biden..


Dr. Hurd replies:

Impeach Biden a thousand times over. Paralyze our occupation government. Lock them all up. Do it because you LOVE the Constitution, and because they loathe freedom. It won’t happen, sadly. A few Republicans are good guys but the ones in charge of the GOP are not on our side.



Secession does not equal civil war. But in government public schools the two have been equated. Of course, it is very likely a corrupt federal government would treat a breakaway republic in the same manner as before — i.e., deserving invasion and destruction.

Dr. Hurd replies:

Civil war sounds horrible. But one thing may be worse: unchecked rule by psychotic, narcissistic, totalitarian leftists.




There are only 6 days left till the vote for Speaker of the House on Jan 3.

If Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House, I believe our country is over. McCarthy @GOPLeader
is a member of the World Economic Forum, & he will help implement a New World Order.


Dr. Hurd:

I agree, but the United States is already over. Next stage is either federal dictatorship or breakup into separate nations.



Texas has bused over 15,900 migrants to sanctuary cities:

▪️ Over 8,900 to DC
▪️ Over 4,900 to NYC
▪️ Over 1,500 to Chicago
▪️ Over 690 to Philadelphia

As Biden does nothing, Texas is taking unprecedented action to provide relief to our overwhelmed border communities.

Dr. Hurd:

Arresting Biden and everyone in his regime for deliberate malfeasance would be actual justice, if our Constitution were still in effect. Nevertheless, Abbott’s actions deserve applause.




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