The Mind-Boggling Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Our Times

“Support Ukraine” is like wearing a mask. The whole point is to convey: “I’m a leftist. I belong. Please like me, because I don’t.”


Good grief. A new member of Congress who lied on his resume is the LEAST of our problems. How can it possibly compare to totalitarian green and medical fascism, censorship, open borders, hyperinflation and willful destruction of the middle class??

As @PamelaGeller tweeted:

The Democrats lie as a matter of policy so why should we care about George Santos? And why does the right always buy into the the manufactured narrative by the left – the enemy of the people.

Biden: LIAR
Pccahontas Warren: LIAR
Ilhan Omar who married her brother: LIAR


McDonald’s unveils first automated location, social media worried it will cut ‘millions’ of jobs. [Fox Business]

What do leftists care about jobs? They don’t want people working. They want everyone on government benefits.

That’s why they’re unconcerned about open borders. They WANT millions of refugees to depend on them. They want to destroy the middle class. Their visions of immigration are not the old-style ones, of coming to a land of freedom to take responsibility for making their own way.

They want to infantilize these immigrants. It makes them feel superior, and it makes them feel powerful.



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