Only the Good Die Young

Only the good die young. In the Wizard of Oz, you can throw water on evil and it melts away. Not this witch. We are stuck with her, like Biden and Pelosi, seemingly forever.


After 9/11 we classified captured terrorists as wartime “enemy combatants.” Morally, I consider members of the Biden regime and RINO party no different. And legally, if we were still a Constitutional republic and free country, they would be arrested and treated as such.


Environmentalism is nothing more than state sanctioned and state established religion. It’s not only unsupported by science and facts. It’s unconstitutional.


To love free speech, you must have confidence in your mind, your views and the power of reason and objectivity. The sniveling snowflakes who staff and run companies like Facebook and (previously) Twitter were never raised with these virtues. Thank you, government-run schools.



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