Of Course He Did

The Biden regime didn’t pick the lesbian basketball player over the soldier. It picked the America hater over the American prepared to die for the cause of freedom.

Biden would never have picked a lesbian, basketball-playing LOVER of America. Never.

Griner wants Communism for us, but freedom for herself. The irony!

What if she came out now and said, “OK, I love America.” If she could prove she means it, it might reclaim her somewhat. This will never happen.

We are an occupied country. America’s enemies are in charge. Of course they chose the America hater over the freedom fighter. “Democrats” are not political opponents; they are enemies of America, and enemies of liberty. Until they are removed from power and completely, utterly defeated, we will continue to lose all of our freedom and prosperity. Drip by drip, at first; and then it will all come at once.



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