Musk, MSNBC and CNN are Wrong: Trump is NOT Placing Himself Above the Constitution

Donald Trump is NOT suggesting he’s above the Constitution. He’s stating with clarity that the tyrants who are oppressing us are NOT above the Constitution. Whether you think there was election fraud or not, the people in power are evil and illegitimate by even the most loose interpretation of the Bill of Rights. Everything they do should be ignored or nullified. Why? Because their willful destruction of property rights, individual rights, the economy, and the entire Bill of Rights — openly, righteously and laughing as they do it — represents an occupation, not a serious, rights-respecting republican government. Even if they did win a majority of votes, this only means that a majority of the people are stupid and possibly evil — and the Constitution was created to protect us from this very ignorance and mob rule.

If you deny this fact, then YOU are the one placing yourself above the Constitution.

Elon Musk — who is right about much, and deserves a lot of praise for his courage — is wrong when he simply restates what the Communist media is saying about Trump’s comments on Truth Social. Musk clearly has not read Trump’s post. He’s simply mouthing MSNBC’s propaganda interpretation of it.

I explained this already in yesterday’s post.



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