People Are Getting the Government — and Culture — They Deserve

My response to someone online who said people are innocent victims and in no way responsible for the decline of culture, civilization and freedom:


There is a WEALTH of information and there are better ideas (Ayn Rand, Henry Hazlitt, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Milton Freidman, on and on) available than ever before on politics, government, individualism, economics, culture and philosophy. People — most people — are simply not interested.

We are in a state similar to the culture of Germany just before Hitler’s rise to power. On our present course, what’s coming will NOT be pretty. If you think Nazi Germany was bad, consider the possibilities of a WORLD totalitarian regime based on medical and green fascism combined with neo-Marxist ideology. We will see the suffering, and possibly deaths, of billions this time, not merely millions. Most simply yawn and look for their freebie school tuition or their latest Netflix series.

People (most of them) are clamoring for dictatorship, and wallowing in their own ignorance. The COVID era showed us all that the vast majority will knuckle under for just about anything, just so they can fit in. You can’t blame this on a school system alone. There is enough freedom to question what we’re indoctrinated with, but the fact remains that 70-80 percent of us will not question, and will not THINK.

Sure, they are victims and honestly ignorant in some respects. The government and the wider culture are dominated by sociopaths who victimize people; it’s what they do. But we also permit and even encourage ALL of it. By “we” I mean the vast majority of us, including those of us who remain silent out of fear of upsetting our leftist cohorts or neighbors.

Victims? Sometimes. But in more respects, this is inexcusable. If any rational historians exist in the future, they will be horrified by what most of us squandered. I am sick of excuses for the masses. To paraphrase George Carlin, the masses are idiots.



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