More Scenes from the Fall of the Republic

Republicans remind me of a growling Chihuahua who thinks it’s a German Shepherd. They are no match for sociopathic despots who know their game, and who wrote all the rules.


The inarticulate, unintelligent thug for the Biden regime actually said this yesterday:

““So, yes, we are reading what you all are writing, and looking at what you all are reporting about the misinformation that is out there,” she continued. “But, you know, I would hope that all Americans, including social media companies, civil rights organizations, as I just laid out, including Fox as well, will agree that we need to — you know, we need to — to, you know, call out hate speech and misinformation.””

Decide for yourself what she means by “call out.”


This is what I predicted back in spring 2020. Now it’s happening.

““The climate activists look at how everything was done in Covid, without a single bit of a vote under emergency powers, and they want the same thing to happen in climate,” said founder Marc Morano. “They’re now in the process of trying to ban meat-eating without anyone voting on it. They’re doing it through net-zero regulations, they’re doing it through corporate-government collusion, and they’re trying to ban the gas-powered cars. Again, like Covid, without a vote.””

I am tired of being right. Just once, I’d like to be wrong. But from the perspective of freedom, we are living out a years-long worst case scenario. With no end in sight, and no principled (or even weak) opposition, at this point.

It’s enough for even an atheist to say: “God help us all.”


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