LEFTISTS (and RINOs) Calling Donald Trump Racist? Seriously?

With all the screaming about “no room in the Republican Party for racism or anti-Semitism” (Mitch McConnell is the latest) one crucial question is never asked — either of leftists or RINOs like McConnell.

What is racism?

It’s not difficult to define racism. Racism refers to the elevation of genetic characteristics as the MOST or ONLY important attributes of a person’s character.

Racism does not merely mean hatred of black people. Or of Jewish people. Or of white people, either. Racism means making race the most important characteristic.

Classically, in the American experience, racism means hatred of black people, as displayed by many white people, especially in the American South during the post-Civil War and post-slavery imposition of Jim Crow laws (where local governments forced white people to discriminate against black persons in their private businesses).

Today, we’re told that this is the ONLY indication of racism: white against black (or brown). You cannot be black and racist (unless you’re a Republican or a conservative), we’re told. And you cannot be white and nonracist (unless you’re a very far left Democrat or leftist), we’re told.

But that’s not what racism is. Racism is not anti-black, anti-brown, anti-Jew, nor anti-white, either. Racism is when you make race THE only issue, when (in reality) race is (at most) a minor issue, or (more likely) not an issue at all.

Where character is concerned, race is most emphatically NOT an issue. Character refers to the one aspect of a personality most at odds with genetics: personal choice. We say a person has high character if he acts in a rational, just and intelligent, consistent way. We say a person has low character if he does none of those things. His race, culture or genetic origins have nothing whatsoever to do with character.

Nobody chooses their race, genetic code or cultural ancestry. People DO make choices that define character every day, and moment, of their lives.

Notice how people on the left want you to focus on Donald Trump’s racism (real or alleged). Yet they never wish to define the term. They’re using the label of intimidation as all the reason you need. If we were allowed to define the term — as I just did above — then, for leftists the gig would be up. We’d look at Donald Trump and say, “Hmmm…what’s that dinner with an anti-Semite all about?” but then we’d look at leftists who say — every single day — “If you’re white, you’re a predator, and you’re a racist, by definition; and if you’re black or brown, you’re morally virtuous and pure, by definition.” We’d be forced to conclude: “Wow. Those leftists are the real thing when it comes to racists. Donald Trump? I see lots of contrary evidence to the claim he’s a racist. But there’s no question about the leftists. They are the real deal.”

This all presupposes you define racism; something the leftists will never let us do.

Leftists in the first half of this century are the greatest manifestation of racism since the National Socialists of Hitler’s regime, 80 or more years ago. Their hatred, like those Nazis, knows no boundaries, and we have not yet see its full reach.

Come to your own conclusions about Donald Trump or anyone else who’s not a leftist. But the last people who should sway your conclusions are leftists.

Leftists are the undiluted embodiment of all the things they CLAIM to oppose.




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