Elections Might Help a Declining Culture, But Not a Collapsing One

You don’t fix a broken, nearly collapsed culture with elections.

A society filled with: massive ignorance; widespread use of feelings over reason; the absence of critical, objective thinking;  anti-individualism; conformity; dominant fears of rocking the boat; expediency over intellectual honesty; and celebrity worship over admiration of real achievement … any society where all of these neuroses and character flaws have become the norm CANNOT be saved by an election.

Didn’t Donald Trump’s 4 years in office — now decisively reversed — prove that?

Elections are the consequence of a culture’s most dominant traits. A “culture” merely refers to large numbers of people — combined with the influential people this dominant majority listens to.

Look at what sells in our culture. In some places, beauty, reverence for life and hero worship dominate; but in far more places, it’s like looking in an unflushed toilet, and most of us know it.

If you want to know why NOTHING is working, and why everything is getting worse (politically, economically, culturally) despite the heroic efforts of a few to reverse the trend, this is why.

It’s not inevitable that things get worse. But things will get worse — they HAVE to get worse — so long as people default on the responsibility of thinking, judging, and standing up for what’s true and what’s right. I believe that most people still know (or at least strongly sense) what’s true and what’s right; but most are afraid to say so. That’s our malignancy, more than anything.

We can’t go on like this, politically. But the political collapse is inevitable in a cultural context where most people like — or even think they’re supposed to like — irrationality, stupidity, mob group-think or all the other rotten nastiness we see around us today.

I don’t know the answer as to how you fix a culture in, say, three simple steps. Since a culture simply consists of people, then it seems to me that the best answer — and perhaps the only answer — is that we fix ourselves, first.

Politics and the government are a lost cause — not just in America, but everywhere. It’s probably best to get away from those things, and to strengthen yourself, not the people around you who are either unwilling or unable to be strengthened.

Dictatorships and irrational governments fear a strong population. They want us stoned. They want us stupid. They want many of us dead, because there are too many of us and they hate people who don’t blindly adhere to the government’s definition of proper culture.

The best solution? REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN IT. Defy the government as much as you reasonably can. But more than that: Simply exit the culture. Have nothing to do with the pretense that the insanity all around us (culturally speaking) isn’t just that — raw, deliberate insanity and evil. Be what they don’t want you to be — smart, independent, proud, strong and (when necessary) defiant.

You have the power to make yourself stronger and better than you are today. If you want to fight and win this war — and have it mean anything to you, personally — then this is the way.



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