Trump Running Again, Republicans Take House — So What?

Will the new Republican House of Representatives impeach Biden over and over and over? And do everything in their power to paralyze this lawless regime we still call a republic? Including but not limited to arrests of the Biden crime family and all who enable and support them?

And pass bills to massively cut taxes, defund the FBI, defund the Department of Education, defund the CDC, defund Planned Parenthood and MASSIVELY cut spending, ideally to 1776 levels? Even if none of it will clear the Senate, just stand for a principle, JUST ONCE?

If not, I’m frankly not much interested.

Kevin McCarthy is worthless — other than as a negation of Nancy Pelosi. He’s NOT Nancy Pelosi. She’s no longer second in line for the presidency. That’s McCarthy’s value.

That’s all.

As for Donald Trump’s plan to run for President again:

Trump’s decision to run for President in 2024 ensures his arrest and probable conviction on nonsense felonies. The Biden regime is lawless, totally politicized and utterly unaccountable. 100 percent of our experience with the Biden regime guarantees this will happen. They will NOT run against Trump, and thanks to mail-in voting, they (Biden or some other puppet) will not be stepping down from power. Not willingly.

America is an occupied country. Not based on some conspiracy — but based on all of the evidence right in front of us. It’s as simple as that.



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