America Is Over. Long Live America!

Under a limited government republic (the way America started out), there’s little reason to discuss politics. The government handles only a few things, and its members are citizen-legislators, not career politicians who make billions off the public and stay in office for 5, 6 or even 7 decades.

Under a tyranny, there’s only one party in charge. Nominally, there may be two parties (let’s call them Republicans and Democrats), but in reality there’s only one policy: control every last activity of each and every member of the country. The two parties merely fight over the particulars and the personalities. In principle, they hold the rights of the state as above the rights of the people.

Under tyranny, it makes no more sense to discuss politics than it does to discuss politics under a limited government run by citizen-legislators. Nothing is seriously debated and nothing is going to change. Now isn’t the time to pay attention to what Mitch McConnell is doing or what Nancy Pelosi is feeling. These creatures have lost whatever humanity they once may have had. They are parasites holding unearned power over others. They are like heroin addicts who almost cannot stop themselves; they are too far gone, and they’re living under the delusion (reinforced by well-funded echo chambers) that what they do matters. What goes on in their crappy existences amounts to little more than palace intrigue — perhaps, in part, designed to keep the peasants preoccupied so they won’t notice the willful and outright destruction of life as we’ve known it through inflation, dangerous and unnecessary wars, brainwashing of children in state-run schools, and progressive nationalization of the economy.

The only thing to discuss now are the real issues, and the deeper ones: What’s human nature, why do we even need a government at all and, if we do, then what should the functions and limits of that government be?

The American republic was a grand experiment. It functioned for over 200 years, with declining efficiency over the generations as the principles of the Constitution were gradually violated. The Bill of Rights generated the first civilization in all of human history to uphold the rights of the individual as sovereign above all else. It started on the premise that government serves the people, and not the other way around.

We must be honest. That experiment ultimately failed. It’s not a sign of despair to state this fact. On the contrary, the American republic gave us a tantalizing glimpse into all that was possible. Human beings are just getting started! But this particular chapter has closed. It’s time to give up on the rotten cancer that sits where the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and Reagan once sat. That freak show sitting in the Oval Office should not even be granted the seriousness of opposition, past a certain point. It’s over now. But don’t despair. In accepting the truth, you’re free to start over with something bigger and better than before. That’s how life works.

Forget the palace intrigue. Look at this picture of Mitch McConnell. He’s part of the ash heap of history. But as for liberty and individual rights? Their power is only beginning to be discovered, and appreciated … at first, in their absence, because America will be the first civilization in history to lose them. The gulags, the political prison camps, the prolonged economic despair brought about by reckless spending, inflation, taxation and regulation (they are coming, in some form) will hit Americans harder, because there’s no precedent for such monstrosities here.

Yet: The story of America will never be forgotten. Freedom will rise again, because you can’t quash the truth … not a truth this powerful.




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