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Nearly 90 percent of Republicans are not at all confident votes are accurately counted. Wow! 90 percent of half the electorate no longer trusts the elections. How sustainable is this? DemComs are smug and unconcerned, confident they can coerce or intimidate dissenters forever, but this strikes me as French Revolution kind of stuff. (Poll source: Wall Street Journal)

This is all so sad. Has a movement as indescribably evil as modern leftism EVER faced such a pitiful opposition?

Case in point: Actress Patricia Heaton (a religious conservative) says to Christians after a “disappointing” election: “Our security does not rest in men or governments, but in God alone.”

Well, that’s a white flag for surrender. We’ll give the Communists totalitarian control over our lives, because only God matters. That includes religious practices, by the way. Those will be illegal. Remember how churches were shut down during COVID fascism, while Walmart remained open? And how stadiums were opened up again in places like California, while churches remained shut? That’s what Communism in America looks like.

“Oh, who cares about the dictators? Only God matters.” These are the kinds of things you say to yourself if you’re locked up in a gulag.

When the bad guys from our amoral, totally unaccountable, authoritarian government come knocking down our doors, then where is the protection? Aren’t we supposed to save ourselves?



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