Progressivism is Cancer: How to Fight It

Progressivism is a cancer. It’s a malignancy. Parts of America have been overtaken by it, and there will be no going back for them. New York, California and Pennsylvania come to mind. All the major cities come to mind. Seattle, L.A., San Francisco, Portland, Chicago–beyond redemption. Atlanta too, I think. Other parts of America are safe, though not forever. Oklahoma, Florida and South Dakota come to mind. The nonurban or nonsuburban parts of any states. Academia is ruined. Media is a goner. Entertainment and even sports are metastasized by progressive cancer. The financial system is vulnerable and starting to crack under the pressure of totalitarian p.c. and economically ruinous socialism/corporate fascism (same thing).

My best advice: Vote with your feet, and your dollars. Move from more blue areas to less blue areas, or to red areas. Follow Florida’s model. Create havens of liberty, decency and rationality. Get out of academia Get out of public health. Get out of public education. Get out of the corporate establishment, as much as you can. Take financial losses, because these are small compared to the price you and loved ones will pay for catching progressive cancer.

Maybe if enough of us do this, progressivism will collapse on itself, as the Soviet bloc did in 1989. Right now, they (the woke bad guys) are winning–and the cancer is spreading. We have to stop it. Mass passive resistance and withdrawal could be one way to do it. Just WALK AWAY. As much as possible.

If you live in a blue state or city, get the hell out. Vote with your feet. Let the parasites, psychopaths and sinister elites survive without your virtue.

The whole point of politics is to severely limit the government. Then there will be no more politics. Unfortunately, the Communists and statists are winning. So it’s either fight for your freedom and liberty — or roll over.



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