America is NOT a Democracy — and Should Not Be

America is NOT a democracy.

In a democracy, 50.1 percent have unlimited power over 49.9 percent of the population.

Democracy is mob rule.

In a republic, the individual and property rights of the citizens are paramount. Everything in the Constitution of the republic exists for one purpose only: to preserve the rights of the individual.

The individual does not exist for the sake of the state. The state exists for the sake of preserving the rights of the individual. The moment the state becomes committed to something else, it should be subdued or dissolved.

“Majority rule” is a good principle when applied to (honest) elections. But “majority rule” cannot mean the ability of the majority — the mob — to violate the rights of individuals or minorities.

As Ayn Rand once wrote, the smallest minority on earth is the individual. It’s the most vulnerable entity.

The sinister tyrants — epitomized by Bidens, Pelosis, Cheneys, Obamas, Bushes, Romneys and McConnells — who now occupy the federal government (and many state governments) in the USA keep accusing dissenters of “attacking democracy.” Lovers of liberty are right to reject democracy.

But these tyrants care nothing for democracy or republics. They will use the principles of either to advance their wealth, and their power.

They stand for nothing, other than their own unlimited wealth and power.

When they lock up peaceful protesters who objected to a questionable election in 2020, they’re not preserving the rights of individuals; they’re preserving their own power. Like all dictators, they are scared. Scared dictators lash out.

Liberty belongs to one entity: to the individual. The most profound and sacred right is the right to be left the hell alone.



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