Amnesty for COVID Fascists? GO TO HELL.

I’m reading and hearing that some prominent leftists are asking for “amnesty” for the incalculable, lasting damage they did during COVID fascism. In essence, their argument boils down to, “Well, there was no precedent for this. We did what we thought we had to do — shutting down businesses, forcing experimental vaccines. So stop condemning us. We’re sorry.”

It’s kind of like an emotional abuser. “Well, I was in a bad mood. It won’t happen again.” The leftists won’t even go that far. They won’t promise it won’t happen again. They won’t accept legal or moral accountability for their actions. They will NOT leave power — not ever. They’ll stay in power via force or fraud, if necessary. It’s like a kidnapper or terrorist hostage-holder saying, “Well I’m sorry” — while refusing to give up his gun!

The huge evasion in this apology is that the leftists had no better choice. They won’t acknowledge that THEY COULD HAVE DONE NOTHING. That they could have left it up to people to decide. They could have NOT censored opposing views, including those of many doctors and scientists, who questioned the validity of shutting down society, destroying the livelihoods of small businesses (though not the livelihood of Amazon and Walmart), and rushing a so-called vaccine and forcing people to take it.

Their “apology” now doesn’t acknowledge making the wrong choice. They’re only apologizing for not knowing what to do. Well, all I can say is: “If you don’t know what you’re doing, and never did, then why in the hell don’t you remove yourself from power — forever?” And face the legal and moral consquences, too.

Normally, being leftist, fascist or Communist means never having to say you’re sorry. After all, if you’re leftist, you’re a totalitarian by definition. You freeze all opposing opinion out of existence. These leftists are saying they’re sorry, but their apology is about as meaningful as the apology of a physical or emotional abuser. “It won’t happen again,” says the abuser. So what reason do we have to trust you? None at all. Just accept the apology because it makes the abuser or the tyrant feel good.

The only proper response? GO TO HELL. And rest assured that justice (legal and moral) will, at some point, come knocking on your door. We will not forget — and we will never forgive.



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