America Haters are in Control, and Must be Defeated Decisively, Permanently

People who hate America are in control, right now. People who hate America wish to silence, and, if necessary, destroy all who love America. Biden, their puppet, has explicitly said so over and over. Latest example: His comments that the attack of Nancy Pelosi’s husband by a man with a hammer is 100 percent the fault of Republicans and the people who vote for them. It’s a threat. It’s simply more justification for the arrests, prison camps, shutting off of funds, loan denials, or whatever is coming next.

How do you think this all will end, regardless of any upcoming election? Will these leftists be humbled or stopped by anything? Will they say, after a Red Wave, “Gee, we had better dial it back a bit”? My prediction is no. I say we are already at war. History will verify this down the road, but at present most who love America still hope and want to believe it isn’t so. “Just a good election result, and all will be well.” Good luck with that.



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