Remember the Republican “Revolution” of 1994?

I remember the Republican “revolution” of 1994, probably a bigger electoral victory than Republicans will experience next week. D.C. was a little less corrupt back then (not saying much), and Newt Gingrich meant well, as evidenced by the massive spending cuts (including all out elimination of entire federal agencies) he tried to pass. Two years later, it was a heap of ashes, Gingrich was ousted (like Trump 25 years later) and the cancer of irrationality and unlimited government regressed to the breaking point we see today.

Go out and vote, and create a Red Wave. Sure, why not? But it will be a brief injection of adrenaline, not a solution. We need either to get rid of the corrupt regime in D.C. completely, or freedom loving states will have to secede. It’s no longer fixable. The toxic bureaucrats remained in charge while Trump was President, and surely Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell will be no match for them.




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