Jill Biden Embraced by NEWSMAX?

“First Lady Jill Biden on NEWSMAX Monday night,” brags the supposedly pro-America, pro-Constitution website.

They’re talking about cancer. And everybody agrees on the need to fight cancer. Including “Dr.” Jill Biden, who — while holding a doctoral degree in education — is not a medical doctor. Yet the website implies she is, just like CNN or MSNBC do every day.


Why in the hell is “Dr.” Jill Biden on NEWSMAX? Would they have on Castro’s wife? Or Mao’s wife? Just because these totalitarian tyrants don’t like cancer?

Can we be sure that “Dr.” Biden isn’t just fine with dissidents having cancer, given the terms in which her husband speaks of Trump supporters?

This is worse than disappointing. But not surprising. Has NEWSMAX joined The Swamp too? I abandoned my column there because a junior editor protested I was too critical of Islam. Something is wrong at NEWSMAX, I fear. Cancer starts small, and grows.



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