Whatever Happened to Teen Rebellion?

“All across the United Kingdom, teenagers concerned about the environment are doing ‘milk pours.’ The new trend involves going into grocery stores, picking up cartons of cow-produced milk, and pouring out their contents, according to the animal rights group Animal Rebellion.” [Fox News]

Where did these teenagers learn to think like this? You know where: government-run schools.

It’s amazing. Once upon a time, young people rebelled against what they were taught. Right or wrong, if their elders thought it, they resisted; or at least questioned it.

For example, a generation of Catholic children taught by 1940s and 1950s Catholic nuns were taught to eschew sex. Yet most of them participated in or even benefited from the “sexual revolution” that followed in the 1960s and 1970s. They questioned, and in many respects they came out better for it. They were also taught religious ideas that they later rejected, modified or questioned as they saw fit. They didn’t take their indoctrination without questioning it.

That’s not the case today — in America, Britain or anywhere in the West — with regard to the new secular religion of Green-ism. The vast majority of young people — based on polls, but also based on actual evidence of thinking and attitudes in many young people — have swallowed their indoctrination completely (with only unusual exceptions). They want socialism; they want a totalitarian green regime which (if enacted) will turn the civilization that billions of people now count on into the worst conditions of the Middle Ages.

Their parents (by-and-large) buy into it. Their teachers buy into it, and promote it as propaganda in government-run schools. They graduate from these brainwashing institutions that in America we call high school. Some of them go on to college where they’re even more entrenched in the ideas of totalitarianism; others eschew college and go into various trades, but most of them uncritically accept as true that what these mindless teenagers are doing is somehow vaguely right and noble.

Nobody questions anything anymore. After the COVID fascism era — which now more than ever, I maintain was a dry run for the real deal, the Green New Deal to be imposed on the world — we cannot deny that teenage rebellion has gone the way of the buffalo. Even in America.

It’s sad, but this isn’t just nostalgia. An unthinking population and an almost completely mindless and unthinking, up-and-coming generation of young people means that prosperity and freedom, as we have known them, are living on borrowed time. The demented old despot sitting as the figurehead of the United States — once the last, best hope for both rationality and freedom — presents a kind of bitter irony. This is their political leader, taking us back into the Dark Ages. Biden will be dead soon, but the rest of us (these teenagers most of all) will have to deal with the consequences of eradicating the prosperity of capitalism, innovation and real science/technology.

I never thought I’d say this, but I wish we could go back to the “good old days” of the 1960s — where young people (right or wrong) actually questioned their elders. Whatever was true of the 1960s, it sure beats marching unthinkingly, unblinkingly over the cliff that will surely lead to their own destruction, as well as the destruction of the rest of us.

Nice job, progressives.



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