Is Secession SUCH a Crazy Idea?

In the 1860s, American states wished to secede from the Union so they could permit slavery. Secession, in that era, was to undermine freedom, not to expand it.

Today, the situation is the opposite: liberty-loving states need to secede from the United States because the federal regime has become consumed by an oligarchy with ZERO regard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights that legitimized a federal government in the first place.

Today, morality and justice are on the side of those wishing to divorce from a hopelessly corrupt, unreformable and out of control, emerging dictatorship.

In 2022 and beyond, secessionists (if they emerge) will largely be the good guys.

If America is to become a one-party dictatorship which routinely disregards the Bill of Rights — and that’s clearly happening — then secession is the only peaceful solution. Living under one-party rule where the political opposition has his home raided and people are forced to undergo medical treatments and endure who-knows-what’s-coming from an armed squad of IRS agents … none of this is freedom!

Let New Yorkers and Californians live under tyranny, if they wish it. Let the liberty-loving portions of those states secede too.

Freedom is not about conquest or civil war. It’s about LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE.

We are out of options. Some still hold out hope for a Republican sweep of Congress in two months, and a second Trump presidency. That’s like baby powder on a rancid wound.

We — the freedom-lovers — have to get the hell out and let the tyrants fight among themselves. Better yet: Let them destroy each other.

HOW to achieve this is a momentous problem. But first it has to be the goal. Without the right goal, we won’t find solutions.




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