Peace in Our Time With the Biden Regime?

President Donald Trump is reportedly filing a civil suit against the Biden regime for raiding his home in a contradictory, brazenly unconstitutional manner.

A civil suit against the lawless, out of control federal government? It’s a bandaid on a gushing wound. The only solution is to arrest the entire Biden regime (starting with the demented pervert “president” and his criminal family), all parties responsible in the FBI and LOCK THEM UP. Because this won’t happen, then the only alternative is secession. We are dealing here not with politics but with totalitarianism.

Let’s be honest, for once: The DOJ and FBI are a bunch of sociopathic mobsters who now exercise arbitrary power against political enemies — against “enemies of the state.”

Fighting them with civil lawsuits is like fighting Hitler in World War II with a lawsuit.

It will be about as effective, as you’ll see.



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