Sadly, It’s Too Late for the Rule of Law

The Republican strategy re: the raid on President Donald Trump’s home may be doomed to failure.

The operating premise of this strategy is: Bring up the law. Prove that the Bidenistas at the DOJ and FBI didn’t comply with the law; and then all will be well.

But they’re counting on the Bidenistas who run the DOJ and FBI to cooperate in exposing their own already obvious wrongdoing. And they’re counting on the media to honestly report on it. Both assumptions are absurd. If the federal government had been taken over by a bunch of mobsters, would you expect the mobsters in charge to make available evidence to show that they’re running the government like a bunch of mobsters? If the media is 99 percent operated by people more loyal to the government than the state-run media of a literal dictatorship, do you think they’re going to emerge with a “smoking gun” exposing the outrages of the Biden regime?

It’s too late for the rule of law. NOT because the rule of law is an invalid thing; but because the rule of law is no longer in operation. We knew that well before the raid on Mar-a-Lago, which is why most of us were not terribly surprised by it, although it was still shocking.

I don’t wish to be negative. I’m just saying the obvious, aren’t I? The reply to this point I typically get from still hopeful conservatives is, “Well, what are we to do then?” That’s a difficult question to answer. But the difficulty of the question does not give one an entitlement to evade the gravity of the situation we’re in.

Pray and hope for the triumph of justice all you wish. Metaphysically, you’re not wrong. Evil is weak, because it only survives as a parasite on the good. Evil thrives only when the good and the just become afraid. But unjust, corrupt criminal gangs with zero accountability will never act justly. It’s not in their natures. And the fact remains: The federal government is now totally run by political operatives with no regard whatsoever for any rational, objective sense of law. This trend has been the case for a long time, I suspect; and it undoubtedly escalated during Obama’s terms in office. But it’s reality now, open for all to see, even with an overwhelmingly biased news media.

Whatever the solution or whatever the way out — not just for Donald Trump, but for anyone who values their liberty — it’s not the totally trashed, discredited federal government as we know it. That’s a difficult truth to accept, but accept it we must.



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