America Now Looks a Lot Like Libertarians of Yesterday Said It Would

The media says “right wingers” want a civil war after Mar-a-Lago.

Not true.

Authentic, patriotic, freedom-loving Americans want a politicized, dangerous DOJ/FBI stripped of its power. They want the restoration of a rights-respecting republic.

To a Big Government leftist type, anything less than 100 percent control of everything by them is “anarchy” and “lawlessness.” When we had a President who favored a few tax cuts, a little relaxing of regulations and a slightly less expansive government than the near-totalitarian one we have now, they shrieked like insurrectionists. The moment they got what they wanted — unlimited and likely permanent power, effectively repealing our Bill of Rights — they shriek “insurrectionists” in the direction of anyone who so much as hints at dissension.

That’s what the DOJ and FBI are now for: Persecution of dissension.

Soon we’ll see how the IRS has taken that role on now, too.

Don’t kid yourself. If President Donald Trump can wind up in jail — and I’m predicting he will — then it can happen to any of us, at any time the government feels like it. Everything I have been writing for over a year now has come to pass. Only I’ve been understating it a bit, as we can see.

Libertarian types were warning us a century ago that the establishment of agencies like the FBI, the IRS, the FDA, the CDC, the FCC, the FEC the DEA and all the rest would, ultimately, lead to the enslavement of the people.

They were ignored and ridiculed.

What do you say to their objections now?

We’re the lucky generation who got to see that they were right.



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