The Raid on Trump’s House Was Worse Than 9/11

The arbitrary, political attack on former President Trump’s home yesterday is, some people say, like another 9/11.

In a way, it’s worse. 9/11 was an attack on the United States by outside forces — by religious fanatics and the governments who supported them (mostly covertly).

Yesterday’s attack was from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. It proves what some of us have been claiming for months — that the United States government, including the core of the federal authority at the Department of Justice, now operates on politics and politics alone.

In such an environment, nobody is safe.

Not once you’re on the government’s radar as politically incorrect. Once you are, they can make up any legal charges they want. They’re doing it to President Trump, and they are not going to stop — because, so long as we accept the moral and even legal legitmacy of this occupation government using its immense power to act against anyone who criticizes them, there’s no defending yourself within that corrupt system. Once the system is itself run by amoral, immoral outlaws, there’s no recourse any longer to the rule of law itself.

Constitutionally, legally and existentially … we are all adrift, all alone. Unless you pledge total allegiance and totalitarian devotion to the regime in power. That’s how most of the world already works, and how most of the world always did work. America was different. Now we know: America no longer is any different. Not in principle and, increasingly, not in practice. As for the “in practice” part — they’re just getting started. Watch what they do to Trump next, and watch what happens when they go after the citizenry itself, starting with these 90,000 new IRS agents.

9/11 showed Americans how vulnerable their republic, their system and their way of life were. The events of that day did not destroy individual rights, the United States Constitution and our freedom, but those events did show how we could lose those things more easily than we realized.

The events of yesterday brought to a climax and showed, beyond any doubt now, that our republic and our Constitution are already gone. We are not in a position of having to defend them. We are in a position of having to bring them back.


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