Why America’s Fascists are NOT “Afraid” of Trump

People keep saying that the Biden regime is “scared to death” of Trump and his supporters.

Seriously? I don’t see fear. I see rage, righteousness, entitlement and a belief — supported by 100 percent empirical experience, especially in the last 3 years — that they can get away with ANYTHING.

I don’t believe they’re going to stop. I don’t believe there is any “last straw” until they are physically and forcefully stopped. Most people on the Trump or nonleftist side believe that the system will eventually take care of the problem. By “the system” they mean the judicial process and the electoral process. Can’t you see it’s too late for that? The judicial and electoral processes are OVERRUN BY CRIMINALS. The invasion of Trump’s home — a Watergate break-in done out in the open, expected to be taken as a legal act — is simply the latest evidence of how far gone we already are.

I believe it will only get worse. Why shouldn’t it get worse? What’s to stop them? Trump will be looking at indictments, arrest and all the rest. Why not? What reason do the criminals in charge of everything have NOT to do this?

People keep saying this position is wrong. “This is America. God and justice will prevail.” Man has free will. Most civilizations are not just, and the few that have been have ended up being unjust. Nothing is inevitable, but that’s my point. Triumph of the good is NOT inevitable. And frankly, that’s not what happened for most of human history. America was, for a time, a rare and glorious exception. America showed us that it’s possible. But now that American government and culture have been obviously overrun by the most corrupt, irrational, insane and evil people imaginable, how do you expect it all to end peaceably and happily? Especially when one-third to half of the people — insanely corrupt or hopelessly ignorant themselves — cheer the government on?

Metaphysically, good is stronger than evil. Evil only wins when the good goes to sleep, or becomes cowardly. That’s what’s happening now. Good people — even if the majority — are sitting by passively while evil people initiate force against innocent people on a daily basis. It’s exactly what happened with Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, you can only meet force with force. The Nazis were ultimately defeated by force. The Japanese, in World War II, were ultimately defeated by force. Today’s leftists are no different, and no better. We don’t have a military or any other organized way of stopping them. I don’t know how to create that, but I do know that saying, “All will work out, no worries,” is NOT an answer.

We are at war. At present, we — the good guys — are losing because the great majority of Trump/conservative people don’t want to face the fact that we’re at war. They believe it’s a political war, but not a real war. This is a REAL war. When people’s homes are broken into because of political dissension alone, you are at war. If it can be done to a recent and former Presdient, it can be done to any or all of us. There is only one political party (Demon-crats plus RINOs.) They are not going to change anything. They are only going to keep doing what they’re doing.

They are not afraid. They just keep pushing the limits, to see what they get away with. It’s human nature — for evil people, that is. THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Covid fascism. The 2020 Election. Legalized riots in 2020. Vax mandates. Mask mandates. Shutting down small businesses/churches and keeping politically connected, paid off corporations open. And now a monstrous piece of legislation that will send IRS agents out on political opponents just as FBI agents descended on Mar-a-Lago yesterday. (The IRS expansion is as momentous a story as the Mar-a-Lago invasion. Maybe bigger.)

Wake up, patriots. We are already at war. If you think the system is going to save you, you’re wrong. The system is gone. The evidence is piling up. The system has been overrun by criminals and terrorists, by people with the moral and legal stature of Hitler, Stalin and al Qaeda. Maybe even worse. Time will tell on that one.

The sooner you accept these tough but undeniable facts, the sooner you can inhabit the realm of reality, instead of the realm of some Netflix fictional series. I don’t know how we get out of this mess. But I know that we don’t get out of it by pretending reality is better than it is.


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