WHO is Selective in Its Mandates

WHO — i.e., the Chinese Communist Party — is “advising” gay men to limit sexual partners to reduce the spread of monkeypox, which WHO has declared an international emergency.

Interesting. Vaccines were not an option. Masks were not an option. Lockdowns were not an option. We were COMMANDED to do these things because, we were told, it was necessary to stop the spread of COVID, also an international emergency.

Why are SOME behaviors mandated while other behaviors are not mandated? Why were we forced to wear masks and close our businesses because of COVID, while gay men are not forced to stop having sex because of monkeypox?

Don’t misunderstand. Morally and legally, so far as I’m concerned, NO government has a right to tell consenting adults how much sex they may have, or with whom they may have it. But on the EXACT SAME PREMISE, no government has the right, morally or legally, to tell people whether they can go to church, open their business or get experimental vaccines because of a real or alleged international emergency.

We are a sick, sick planet. Not because of capitalism, freedom, guns or the Bill of Rights. We are a sick, sick planet because reason, individualism and the crudest, simplest form of common sense are completely dead.



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