Gun Control Freaks Know Exactly What They’re Doing

Another gun ban in Congress. It passed the House. Will it pass the Senate? Conventional wisdom says no. But with hollow souls like Joe Manchin in the U.S. Senate, who’s to say?

The fascinating question: What drives people to want guns banned? They HAVE to know they’re only banning guns from the hands of peaceful people interested in self-defense. They HAVE to know that criminals and terrorists will always get guns. They can’t possibly be this stupid. Yes, leftists are pretty stupid. Not always in every sector of their lives — sometimes they’re quite accomplished in their careers. But leftists, often quite smart, know exactly what they’re doing. We forget that at our peril.

Of course politicians want guns banned. Even the RINOs show their true colors on this point. It’s the job of politicians to want us powerless, because all they care about are power and control.

The real question is what type of sickness — or evil — possesses a non-career politician to want to take guns out of the hands of his peaceful neighbor. He’s basically telling us, “I want you disarmed.” Even if you or I don’t own a gun, personally, it’s still the same statement: “I want you disarmed.” It’s like saying, “I want you to be at the mercy of a criminal.” Or worse: “I want you to be at the mercy of a political tyrant.”

I believe it’s the second. The leftists KNOW what they’re doing by banning guns. And they WANT to do it. It’s an extension of their desire to have their guys — the woke, leftist, green fascist, American Marxists — in charge. They will stop at nothing to make this happen. They know what they’re doing. They know that disarming American citizens — or forcing them underground if they choose to continue owning weapons — gives BIG, expansive government the upper hand. Just like Hitler and Stalin had. Just like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Iran and China today have over their citizens.

In the end, government is not our friend. It was, for a time in America, at least partially. But that time is long gone. Not only are the tyrants in Congress and the White House our enemies, but so are the people who support them. It becomes glaringly clear why they’re our enemies when it comes time to support gun control. All we’re left to conclude about our “Democratic” leftist friends? They want us enslaved. And, failing that, they want us dead.

Yes, it’s that bad. Once you accept this fact, you’ll be in a better frame of mind to figure out how to get your freedom back.




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