The Incredibly Dangerous Precedent of the Biden Regime

Biden is now saying that if his Democratic Congress doesn’t give him everything he wants on the climate and abortion, then he’s going to mandate it by executive order.

Does anyone know that this is the definition of a DICTATORSHIP?

America’s system of government was premised on checks and balances; on the distribution of power.

The radical left, now speaking through the hapless and demented Biden (their puppet), now says, “Our way is the ONLY way. When courts or Congress support our goals, it’s the law of the land — and woebetide anyone who disobeys! But when courts or Congress defy our goals, then we are all insurrectionists now.”

It’s madness on a scale never seen before in our country’s history, and perhaps never fully anywhere.

While it’s true that Biden can only get away with so much, since executive orders can be undercut by lawsuits or sheer defiance, the lawlessness and authoritarianism fostered by this attitude is the most anti-American thing we have ever seen in America.

And just think: Biden and the left are acting PRECISELY like they always predicted Trump would act — and rarely, if ever, did. They are the dictators. And they think anyone who disagrees with them on ANYTHING is a dictator. Including people who simply want the freedom to be left the hell alone.



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