Gun Control is Theology

Thanks to an open carry law, a killer was thwarted in an Indiana shopping mall.

Does this matter to gun control advocates? No way. Partly, because gun control is a religious theology to them, like most things leftist. They simply know that gun control is, in their minds, RIGHT. Guns are evil, because guns kill people. Although these same leftists don’t seem to mind the use of force (guns, police, armies) to advance their mask and vax mandates, their wealth redistribution and all their social engineering schemes, they seem to dislike guns otherwise. And that’s that.

Gun control advocates ARE consistent in one way. Leftists are the promoters of unlimited government. In their minds, there’s no evil that government can’t solve. If Biden signs a bill outlawing guns tomorrow, then guns will be gone. Why? Because what government wants, government gets. You won’t see any more shootings after Biden signs that law. And, if you do — well, social media and network news can simply refuse to acknowledge it.



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