Mullahs in Iran and Democrats in America ARE THE SAME THING

“A recent intelligence leak report indicates that Iran is plotting to kill or capture former President Donald Trump as well as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.” [NEWSMAX quote and photo, 7-16-22]

It’s no surprise. Iran’s regime, like America’s regime, detests freedom. Like America’s present government, the Iranian government HATES America. Because to them “America” means: freedom; individual rights; private property rights; personal boundaries, personal space; individualism; the separation of church and state as well as the separation of economics and state (which America once almost had).

Anyone who hates America — Democrats or Islamic fundamentalists — is, by definition, irrational. Irrational people cannot tolerate the idea that someone, somewhere disagrees with them; and that someone, somewhere is doing something of which they disapprove.

A Democrat has a meltdown thinking about someone driving a big truck which uses fossil fuels. An Iranian mullah has a meltdown thinking about a woman with an uncovered face, or who shows her legs. A Democrat has a meltdown thinking about someone not getting an experimental vaccine mandated by the federal government. An Iranian mullah has a meltdown thinking about a young adult dressing as he sees fit, or looking at secular sports stars or movie stars.

A mullah goes insane at the idea anyone might worship as Christian or a Jew, or perhaps not worship at all. A Democrat goes insane if someone is a COVID denier or a Climate denier — and is prepared to censor or otherwise use force against them to coerce them into pretended compliance.

A mullah will hang a gay person in public because homosexual behavior among peaceful, consenting adults makes the mullah insane. A Democrat would LOVE to hang in public a white, male, conservative businessman like Donald Trump, and make no mistake: If they could get away with it, they would.

The common thread is HATRED of “what I cannot control.” This is what unites the Democratic Party followers in America with the people who actually support the Iranian theocrats who have terrorized their citizens daily, for decades.

What unites Democrats and Iranian mullahs is what has united all tyrants — of varying stripes and degrees — throughout history. Tyrants substitute love, tolerance and respect with CONTROL. They will call their control “love, tolerance, or respect” but what they actually and always mean is CONTROL.

If good and decent people refuse to stand up to tyrants, then tyrants always win. But every time good and decent people rise up, the tyrants will lose. Because they are weak and irrational to the core. All we need to do is grow a spine, and defeat them by refusing to pretend they are anything other than the hollow, broken people they are.



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